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More Verizon leaks: Moto DROID Pro, Tablet, and suped-up DROID 2 now in VZW’s systems

August 16, 2010 | by Chris Smith

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A little over a week ago we got news via The Boy Genius Report that Verizon had an interesting 6-18 months of announcements and device releases for consumers. Today, BGR got another mini-leak of Verizon’s inventory screenshots that show two of the devices that were included in the leak and one other shocker.

According to the screenshots it looks like the Moto DROID Pro (a 4″ touchscreen, 1.3Ghz CPU, and world phone capabilities) is given the model number A957 with a November launch. The Moto “tablet”, according to BGR, may be more of a “slab” form factor phone (maybe something like the Dell Streak), will be given the model number MZ600 and no specific release date.

Something that is interesting is that there may be a new DROID 2 coming out relatively soon with world roaming capabilities and offered in two colors — black or white. It makes sense to offer the new DROID 2 as a world-wide capable device but I think that Moto and Verizon should have released this together with the DROID 2 itself or at least made an announcement that it would be “coming soon”. Some customers may be confused when their brand new DROID 2 is not so brand new anymore with the release of the new DROID2. But, with the release of the DROID 2 not even giving the DROID 1 an entire year to shine, it seems that Verizon doesn’t really care about making their phones “obselete” in a matter of months.

Via [BGR]