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More leaked photos of Samsung Galaxy Tab show off keyboard and “plastic” build

August 24, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka



And the Samsung Galaxy Tab leak train continues. Yesterday we saw an over-the-shoulder spy video, filmed on train, and now we are treated to a few shots of the device that are actually clear, breaking the blurry-cam stereotype we’ve become accustomed. has posted several snapshots of the Galaxy Tab, showing things like the devices large charging/connection cable, bottom row of buttons, and the way that Swype will look on the phone. The Tab features Swype with a new, lighter color scheme and a launcher that looks closer to stock Android rather than Samsung’s TouchWiz browser that we expected to pop-up on the device.

The Google Translate page of iFanr offers a mix of gibberish and Engrish, but it reveals a few details about the device. There’s a “very serious plastic feel” but it feels lighter than an iPad. Here are a few shots of the device taken from iFanr.