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More Android App Inventor invites going out to users

August 19, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

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I’ve been monitoring my Gmail accounts hoping that one of them would receive an invitation to Google App Inventor. Nothing has come my way so far, but I’m happy to report that a few of you are faring better than I am.

Androinica reader Benjamin just sent us over a tip alerting us that more invites are going out. Ben requested an invite the day that App Inventor was announced, but he didn’t make it into the first wave of invites.

A couple other followers have let us know that they too have been blessed by the App Inventor Invite Fairy, so maybe you ought to check your inbox to see if she left anything for you. Just a word to the wise, be sure to also check your spam folder. Tomas alerted us a few days back that the App Inventor email message went straight there even though it’s from Google.

To search the spam folder, enter “inventor in:spam” in the search field.

You can also do “inventor in:trash” if you might have accidentally deleted it.