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Miso uses badges and check-ins to make television social

August 17, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka



Imagine if there was a Foursquare for television. Rather than go out to a bar or restaurant, users would “Check-in” when they watched the latest episode of True Blood or Weeds. Imagine that service was called Miso, because that’s what’s available in the new social network and Android app.

Miso lets users check-in when they watch their favorite programs, be they live or on-demand. Users make comments/status updates when watching a new program and have the option to announce to their friends, allowing them to encourage others to watch the same program.

Miso also can provide tips on what to watch by seeing what your friends have just checked into and what’s trending among other Miso users. Maybe you haven’t heard of a show called Leverage, but maybe you’ll check it out if it’s the 4th-most-popular show at a given moment. Throw in comments and chats about shows, Miso becomes a discovery tool.

After a certain number or types of check-ins, Miso awards badges to its users, similar to how Foursquare and Gowalla award badges for attending establishments or events. This seems a bit crazy, right? People are sitting on the couch telling friends what they’re watching. But then I think about all the times I’ve sent a text saying, “You watching this?” or gone on Facebook or Twitter to simulcast a live event with people around the world as a way to make the program more interesting. Miso connects people who share similar interest in a more organized manner, allowing people to discover old and new friends.

Television fans can download Miso from the Android Market and begin connecting with the people who love those shows as much as they do.

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