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HTC Peep/Friendstream down because of Oauth?

August 31, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka


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We’ve gotten word from a few people unable to log-in to HTC Peep and Friendstream. Then a quick scan of Twitter shows a few others wondering what the heck is going along, and I think I know the source of the problem – OAuth.

Twitter is ending support of Basic Auth in favor of OAuth, which is a better and more secure option for granting account access to third-party applications. But it’s likely that HTC Peep and Friendstream currently don’t support OAuth. I can’t yet confirm this, but I feel confident in theorizing that this is why users are unable to log-in and read or post to Twitter.

Other third-party Twitter apps have been failing because developers didn’t implement Oauth (or users have yet to update to the newer version). The old way of granting permission required users to give an app their password and have it stored by third-parties; OAuth is more secure because it grants access without surrendering your password to another service. The connection can also be broken at a later date by logging into and revoking access.

Again, this isn’t confirmed yet, but if OAuth is the reason for the failure, HTC really pissed the bed on this one. Twitter has made the switch known to developers since December 2009, so I really hope that’s not the issue. It just seems strange that when Twitter turns off Basic Auth, Peep/Friendstream suddenly goes kaput.

Thanks, MrViZZiATO!


The problem was indeed the failure to switch OAuth. HTC and Twitter seem to have fixed the issue. If problems persist, reboot your phone and re-sign into Peep or Friendstream.