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HTC hosting an event and announcement in mid-September — what will it be?

August 13, 2010 | by Chris Smith

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HTC has started to send out invitations to a “secret” upcoming event in mid-September. The event will be held on September 15th in London and it’s anyone’s guess what the event will actually hold. The only thing that we have as evidence is a strange, smoky invite.

As it is anyone’s guess what the event will be about we can assume that it could be a couple of things. First, we have seen and heard about the possibility of the HTC Desire HD being released soon, so it could be that. In fact Engadget did a little CSI work and found that when “enhancing” the image a ghostly phone appears behind the smoke and it may just resemble the camera and back of the Desire HD. But, as HTC’s phones tend to look similar lately, it really could be anything else. Another guess is that this phone isn’t Android related at all and could be an announcement on the Windows Phone 7 line.

We don’t know exactly what HTC will be announcing but since we have this little invite a full month in advance, you better believe that some more leaks will come our way to give us a clue before the official announcement. Commentors, you guys have any ideas as to what HTC will be bringing to the table?

Via [Engadget]