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How to Disable the Start-Up Sound

August 9, 2010 | by Lars Aronsson

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How to disable the start-up sound on Android

A peculiarity of phones that have managed to annoy many people over the years, is the start-up sounds that some manufacturers insist on adding. It’s somewhat ironic that just as HTC’s “Quietly Brilliant” slogan is displayed when I start my Desire, a loud noise is heard.

A lot of handsets also play a little jingle every time they’re turned off. The sounds are often quite strong, and I can think of a number of situations when these signals would be inconvenient or downright inappropriate. In fact, can anyone come up with one single solid reason for including them?

There are luckily ways to prevent your Android phone from making unwanted noises. The first method is easy, just download an app called Silent Boot from the Market. Silent Boot provides a basic workaround: it mutes your phone when you turn it off, which will disable the start-up sound, and restores your previous volume settings once you start your device again. To call Silent Boot simplistic would be an understatement. When you tap its icon, all you see is a checkbox that enables or disables the app.

Silent Boot

Silent Boot. Click image to install.

One downside with Silent Boot is that you’ll have yet another application running in the background, but nothing indicates that it’s a power hog. The app works like a charm on my HTC Desire, but judging from the comments in the Market, your mileage may vary. Please note that Silent Boot needs to be installed to the internal storage, or it won’t work.

Update: You may disable the start-up sound without having an app running in the background by turning the System volume setting to zero. But on phones with HTC Sense, this option isn’t available in the default Settings screen. Instead, download an app called Quick Settings and use its Volume control feature to turn off the System volume. On the Samsung Galaxy S (Captivate/Vibrant), you can simply do it from Settings > Sound & display > System volume (thanks, CG3).

Do you have root access on your Android phone? Then you can also remove the start-up sounds altogether – a permanent, albeit much more complicated solution that some power-users may prefer. The process is a bit different depending on the phone model, and I have included links to instructions on forums for a couple of popular Android devices at the bottom of the post.

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