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Has Google’s anti-piracy Android system already been cracked?

August 23, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

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The Android Market License Verification system was introduced as new tool Google would offer to make it tougher on people trying to pirate applications. I was happy to see it but hesitant to say it would stop app piracy because 15 years of Internet access has taught me that nothing stands in the way of smart people with foul intentions.

Less than a month after it was first announced, That lesson is sadly playing out once again in Android as someone has already claimed to find a loop hole in the License Verification Library (LVL). AndroidPolice has a post from a developer claiming to break the LVL simply by changing a few lines of code. The average Joe may not discover this trick, but plenty of people with the right knowledge will still be able to crack apps and continue to distribute illegal copies of Android apps.

This is an expected but nonetheless disappointing development. I’m awaiting a response from Google about these claims.