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Hackers unlock Samsung Galaxy S to work on multiple networks

August 23, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

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The Samsung Galaxy S is a great phone, but it’s got different incantations on each U.S. carrier that is locked to that provider. Officially locked, anyway.

A group of modders at XDA have managed to discover unlock codes that make it possible to use the Galaxy S on cellular networks for which it wasn’t intended. The group’s method has been confirmed to get the T-Mobile version of the Galaxy S, the Vibrant, to work on AT&T’s network with 3G speeds. It also unlocks the Captivate for T-Mobile, though, not for 3G.

Other users have reported the method working on unlocking the Vibrant from Bell and getting it to work on other networks in Canada. Users are able to achieve this by running a script and discovering the phone’s unlock codes. It’s important to point out that doing so could potentially put your phone at risk but there are no doomsday reports of broken phones yet.

Read the full tutorial at XDA Developers Forum.