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Google waves goodbye to Google Wave

August 4, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka



There once was a time when I spent less time using Google Wave than I did telling people “I don’t have any more Google Wave invites.” No need to worry about that anymore because Google has decided to stem the tide on Wave.

Citing a lack of user adoption, Google says that it will put an end to Wave development. Technology from Wave will appear in other products and be available to others via open source, but Google won’t improve or add-on to the experience. Google says it “will maintain the site at least through the end of the year,” but that could be the end of the road.

The lack of a Wave Android app was really disappointing because the website performed terribly on my G1. I thought an official app would improve Wave’s chances, but I/O 2010 made me think that was less likely. Though Android sessions at I/O were often standing-room only, Wave sessions had room to kick your feet up. The dev community saw the writing on the wall long before I did.

The Google Wave website will continue operating, but the lack of development spells death as far as I’m concerned. A lack of updates to a product that is far from perfect means people will eventually leave for greener and fresher pastures.

Will you guys miss Wave? Pour out a little liquor in the comments section.

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