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Google Earth: now with more mermaids!

August 24, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

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Google Earth has been an incredible app to use to explore the world, but it was limited in its scope. The app overlooked the oceans and seas, not a wise move since Poseidon’s domain accounts for about 75 percent of Earth.

A new update has been released for Google Earth for Android that makes it easier to navigate landscapes and bodies of water. The latest version makes it possible view the big blue watery roads. Users can zoom in underwater and see the terrain below the surface or view photos and videos that show more of the waterways.

Earth works only for people who have Android 2.1 or later installed on their phones. People who have Android 2.2 will get the added bonus of being able to watch Flash video incorporated into the app. Update or install the app now and have a look around the ocean.

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