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Gmail Popup shows email titles in popups [App Reviews]

August 27, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka



If you’ve ever enjoyed the text message notification pop-up feature in apps like Handcent or SMS Popup and wished that something similar would come along for e-mail, the time has arrived.

Gmail Popup is a £0.69 Android app that shows incoming messages. Yes, you could just as easily swipe down the notifications menu and tap the icon to launch the Gmail app, but there’s no need for this app if that’s all you want. Gmail Popup is designed specifically for people who want to see headlines for all of their messages immediately.

When a new message comes in, Gmail Popup displays a quick glimpse of what’s new. Users can then mark a message as read or delete based on settings. The app is good if you want a notification, but won’t hit the mark if you need more features. The app can delete or mark a message read, but not actually launch that particular message (you can go to Inbox, however). Worse yet, only one setting can be done at the time; there’s no option to delete Message A and then mark Message B as read. It’s not the best solution, but it’s available if you seek a pop-up version for email.


  • Shows latest Gmail messages in pop-up
  • Delete messages or mark them as read
  • Launch Gmail inbox from app


  • Cannot launch particular message
  • Users must choose between deleting and app or marking it read, but cannot do both on the fly

Download the trial app before purchasing