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GetGlue checks-in for everything and for everyone

August 18, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

Commmunication, Lifestyle


Yesterday we highlighted Miso, a “Foursquare for TV” that connects users who love the same TV shows and movies. Now let’s look at GetGlue, a check-in service that’s Foursquare for everything else.

GetGlue is a check-in platform for announcing what TV shows/movies are being watched, music is listened to, book is read, or video game is played. The check-ins relate to the most common forms of entertainment or anything you can think of by checking-in based on topic. Fantasy football, knitting, or even Android perhaps? (A quick search reveals a healthy set of users in that area.)

Connectivity is the basis of GetGlue. You can use it to keep up with friends, find new online peers, or discover things to do and content to consume. Available for iPhone and linkable to Facebook/Twitter, there will be quite a few people ready to communicate.

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