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FroyoWatch 2010: Has anyone received their Droid Incredible update yet?

August 18, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

Android OS, Firmware updates, HTC, Verizon


It’s that time of year – or week, actually – where a large segment of Android users obsessively check their phone throughout the day. The word around town is that the Droid Incredible is supposed to receive the update to Android 2.2 today, so everyone is going to be waiting on Froyo.

Unfortunately, we’ve seen plenty of instances in which an update was rumored or promised and the day passed without anything happening besides the clock ticking and angry people asking, “Where’s my update?” I hope that today will not be another Android version of Hurricane Watch or Blizzard Watch, where excited reporters talk about something that seems major but never arrives.

So Incredible users, let’s cross your collective fingers and hope things start flowing in throughout the day. For a preview of some of the things to expect, aside from 720p video recording, check out how Froyo looks on the EVO to see some things that are new in the next version of the software.


and it’s officially not coming today. seems like this was indeed a false alarm since no one got the update today and Verizon has replied to several people asking the VZWSupport Twitter staff that there are no plans to announe for the Incredible.