FoxtoPhone sends links or text from Firefox to Android

August 16, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

Android Tricks, Commmunication, Tools


The biggest flaw with Chrome to Phone, if you consider it a flaw at all, is that it only works with Google’s Chrome Browser. What about the thousands of people who have opted for the No. 2-ranked desktop browser, Firefox.

FoxtoPhone is here to make that a non-issue. Using much of the same technology available in the Chrome to Phone project, FoxtoPhone pushes links from the desktop to the mobile phone browser. A user simply needs to install the Firefox extension, install the ChrometoPhone app from the Android Market, and then log-in with the same Google account they use on the phone so the two services will be linked together.

The simplicity is brilliant, evidenced by the “It’s ChrometoPhone, but for Firefox” tagline on the developer’s website. In addition to sending webpages by pressing the icon, users can also

  • Right-click on an image to send to phone (perfect for downloading wallpapers, a tip I picked up from Pixeladdikt)
  • Highlight any text and right-click to send it to your phone’s clipboard (Copy and paste between devices)
  • Send market://, sms://, tel://, links to the phone

Visit to download the browser extension. Now someone needs to make Brain to Phone; think of a link and transfer to your phone.

(That last line is stolen from Androinica staff writer, Chris Smith)