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Dish Network surveying customers about Google TV, reveal likely prices

August 20, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

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How much do you want Google TV and how much would you be willing to pay to get it? That’s the question that Dish Network is posing to its customers in a survey sent out to subscribers recently. Dish is gearing up to launch Google TV shortly, and before it sets its pricing strategy, it wants feedback from customers (or maybe it just wants to give the illusion of inclusion).

Dish has been running advertising campaigns touting its superiority over rivals like DirecTV and Comcast. The company once again feels Google TV will be a way to distinguish itself from the competition by offering what others are less likely to deliver. One portion of the survey even goes so far as to say:

Only DISH Network allows you to utilize all of the features of Google TV, including an advanced integration that allows you to search across the DISH TV Guide, your DVR recording lists, and On Demand movies.

Dish then asks customers if they’d be willing to spend $300 on a set-top box and pay an additional $5 a month to current contracts to add these features. (See the entire survey at Based on the questions asked, it’s likely that Google TV on Dish would cost an additional $1-$5 dollars per month. The actual set-top box would be $229-$300.