Connect to FTP Servers and Web Hosts on Your Android with AndFTP [App Reviews]

August 12, 2010 | by Lars Aronsson

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AndFTP - an FTP client for Android

The File Transfer Protocol (FTP) feels like it’s been around since the dawn of time compared to some of the more recent forms of sharing and transferring files, and considering how quickly things move forward in the world of technology, it basically has: the original specification for the protocol was written as early as 1971.

There are several FTP clients available for Android, and the one we’ll have a look at today is the free AndFTP. I should start by saying that unless you’re already connecting to an FTP server every now and then, it is unlikely that you will have a use for this app.

When you launch AndFTP for the first time, you need to add a server. The app asks for the usual log-in details such as hostname, username and password, and there are several advanced connection options as well (Charset, SSH key, Port, et cetera). AndFTP allows you to set both a local and a remote startup folder, which always is handy.

Adding a server in AndFTP

Besides letting you browse the content of the server, the client also has a built-in browser for your phone. It’s easy to transfer files thanks to AndFTP’s surprisingly intuitive interface. To upload or download files, simply tap on them and when you press the transfer button, the selected files will be copied to the folder you currently have open.


Even though AndFTP likely will provide everything you could ask for in an FTP client running on a phone, it’s of course a type of app that only is useful for people who need to log-in to a server from time to time. However, if you’re a webmaster, a network technician, or if you have a mutual FTP server with friends for sharing files; AndFTP could be a great tool to have.

In case you have a web host or your own server, AndFTP can also be used to add Dropbox-type functionality to your device. You could password protect a folder on the server and upload files that you want to be able to reach while on the move, as an old-school complement to Dropbox.


  • FTP, SFTP and FTPS support
  • File transfers can be resumed
  • Lets you set permissions on the server
  • The app is regularly updated by the developer
  • It’s free


  • Auto-rotation doesn’t work
  • The interface looks somewhat dated

App: AndFTP

Price: Free


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