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Callpod’s Keeper Android app announced, helps you secure all your valuable information

August 17, 2010 | by Chris Smith



Callpod doesn’t seem like the most logical company to get into the Android app or even software business in general as they are primarily a phone accessory company. But, today Callpod has announced that they are making their Android app Keeper available for free or a more feature rich version for $29.99.

Keeper can help Android users store and encrypt “sensitive data such as passwords, financial, business and personal information”. According to the release the free version will be able to store passwords that are 128-bit AES encrypted. There is also a “self-destruct” feature for the free version that can help even destroy your data if compromised. Of course there is a paid version for $29.99 that keeps much more information and includes a cloud sync, restore, backup service as well as a desktop application. Another nice feature is that pretty much all smartphone platforms are supported including iOS, Android, RIM, Windows Mobile, and Symbian.

The Android app looks quite usable from the quick playing with it that I did today. I don’t have too much experience with just how secure these apps claim to be, but I do know that 128-bit AES is pretty much as hard as it comes to tap into. Take a look for yourself in the Market if it’s something for you.

Via [Callpod]