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Archos Gen8 series of Android “tablets” leak: the Archos 32 8GB media player

August 4, 2010 | by Chris Smith

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Archos preparing Android-based "Internet Media Tablet"

We heard a while back about the new line of Archos “tablets”, the Gen8 series, that will sport Android and come in a multitude of sizes and specs. Today leaked some of the information about one of the upcoming devices, the Archos 32. It appears that since the leak, has pulled the order page from our snooping eyes. None of this is confirmed as the devices are to be released near or around September or October.

According to the leak the Archos 32 will have a 3.2″ touchscreen, 800Mghz processor, 8GB of internal storage, be able to playback a slew of audio and video codecs, host a camera capable of video and picture taking, WiFi, Android 2.1 and comes in a slim form factor. The leaked price of the device was a affordable $149.99 and with those specs it is definitely worth it.

AcrhosFans notes that this is “just the beginning” with this leak and that Archos may have even more affordable Android PMP offerings in the pipeline. It’s nice to have an iPod Touch competitor, but don’t we think that this move by Archos is, well, a couple of years too late? The iPod Touch has huge mindshare and it seems that a device like this, although more supported and possibly “better” may just fall by the way side. This is a “geek’s dream” PMP really, so it will be interesting to see if this device and the Gen8 line take off.

Via [ArchosFans]