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Another Android success story: Hey, devs, mind telling us how much money you make?

August 24, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

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The success stories are starting to trickle in slowly. First there was Edward Kim and Car Locator, yesterday there was Aaron La and Advance Task Manager, and today we have Derek James and several apps that make Android seem more viable.

James just sent us word that he’s found Android to be rewarding enough to become a full-time independent developer. Combining the revenue gained from Dominoes, Spades, and Word Wise, James’ Polyclef Software takes in several thousand dollars a month. Since March 2010, Polyclef has generated about $8,000 a month, with the largest revenue coming last month when it took in about $13,000.

“Not bad,” James wrote on his blog. “It’s obviously beyond what I expected when I started doing this last year to earn a little extra dinner money as a grad student. Now I’m taking time from the program to pursue this full-time.”

Keep in mind that James has done this without any of his apps cracking Android’s highest measuring tool of 250,000 downloads. He has employed a mix of moderately priced apps and ad-based free versions to approach making six-figures this year. Some apps make good money and others generate practically nothing, revealing that there’s no exact science to what will make people spend money.


In light of these success stories, I’d like to hear some more anecdotal – positive or negative – accounts about how developers rate Android’s earning potential. Feel free to leave a comment or submit your opinions to our e-mail anonymously. I understand wanting to keep your financial situation private but if you’re willing to talk, I’m willing to listen.