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Animal Planet app brings video, photos, and animal trivia to Android [App Reviews]

August 18, 2010 | by Chris Smith

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It is always interesting to see mainstream broadcast TV stations to get into the smartphone app game. We have seen apps from The Discovery Channel, The Weather Channel, and CBS to name a few so it seems just a matter of time before most popular TV stations produce their own app. The Animal Planet Android app has now entered the Market; let’s take a look at what it has to offer.

When starting up the app you will notice a list of the latest video clips. You can scroll through and tap to choose which video to watch. The video itself seems to be set at a decent quality, I wouldn’t call it HD, but for streaming it is definitely acceptable. Most video clips are only a couple of minutes in length as they seem to be a segment of an actual show on Animal Plant. Users can also view clips from Animal Planet shows, view the cast members and their bios, and even see when the next show is scheduled. Really, almost any information that you would want to know about a show on the network can be found within the app.

Other features of the app include a picture gallery with different themes like River Monsters or the Puppy Bowl. You can flick through the photo albums as you would in the Android Gallery. There is also a TV schedule where you can view the Animal Planet schedule by day until the end of the month. Tapping on a show will give you a brief description of it. Other features include several animal trivia games, ability to share or favorite your clips, and option to send feedback or share the app with other Android users.

I have to say that there isn’t too many negative aspects to the app. One possible negative would be the “fit and finish” aspect; you can tell that this is definitely a 1.0 release as some of the transitions are rough and the layout seems a little sketchy. But all-in-all this is one of the more quality apps that I have seen hit Android in quite a while.


  • Streaming video clips from the many Animal Planet shows
  • Photos, trivia and information about Animal Planet shows
  • TV listing for upcoming shows
  • Bios of Animal Planet “stars”
  • FREE!


  • Transitions are sometimes choppy

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