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Android2Cloud sends link from Android phone to Chrome browser

August 4, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

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Google’s Chrome to Phone feature is great, but it lacks the ability to flip things around and perform a Phone to Chrome link push. Android can do that with the help of Android2Cloud.

There are occasionally times when browsing the web from your phone that you want to open a link on a desktop computer. Maybe it’s a page that’s design-intensive, code heavy, or just isn’t what you want to view at the moment. In those cases, grab android2cloud and it will send open the link in a Chrome window on your laptop/desktop. The links open after a few seconds of wait time and will open later if you don’t have an establish connection at the time.

Using android2cloud requires both the Android app and the Chrome extension of the same name. Be sure to install the extension to the Google account that you plan to use. I spent the greater part of my morning trying to make this app work before I realized that Chrome was logged-in to multiple accounts at the time. Once installed, grant the app access to work (bear in mind that Google has not given this permission to establish a secure connection and you should install only if you trust developer, so you use it at your own risk).

Here’s a quick video demonstration by Lifehacker showing how it works.