Android mini collectibles back in stock tomorrow

August 10, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka



While you’re busy getting your Droid 2 purchase together tomorrow, don’t forget that you also have another shot at nabbing one of those Android mini collectibles that have been perpetually sold out since the Internet caught wind of their existence.

The Andrew Bell-designed collectible figures of the Android mascot have been impossible to find unless you were extremely lucky or willing to get gouged on eBay. Dead Zebra has announced that the collectibles – along with the do-it-yourself blank versions – will be back in stock tomorrow at The Dead Zebra Store. You can bet that these items will once again sell out quickly, but the company promises that it has a new system that should ease the process and give more people a chance to purchase.

Here’s the official statement from the Dead Zebra blog. Get your credit cards ready for tomorrow!

Starting tomorrow, August 11th 2010, we’ll be adding stock of random, cases, 4-packs, standard green and new blank do-it-yourself Androids to the shop every couple of hours ALL WEEK! Thanks to our new system, they won’t all be gone in 5 minutes (we hope!).

Note that orders are being limited to 20 total pieces and one order per household for the first week, this is to ensure that more people have a fair chance of picking up a little robot love.