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Android is the fastest growing mobile OS based on new ad metrics

August 18, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

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Advertising companies often release metrics data showing how platforms are performing. While ad impressions aren’t exactly the most ideal way to measure OS strength, they have been useful in gauging how well platforms have progressed in recent history.

The latest report from Millennial Media reveals that Android has had significant growth in the past year, something we’ve seen in other reports recently. The Mobile Mix Device Index for July 2010 shows that Android is present on six of the Top 20 Mobile phones; the Motorola Droid leads the pack with 5% of impressions within the Millennial ad network.

Android, accounting for 19 percent of impressions, surpassed RIM (16%) for the #2 spot within the network. Apple’s iOS still leads with 55 percent.

However, Android is obviously the hot platform thanks to an influx of popular devices that have triggered growth that BlackBerry and iOS cannot match. Both operating systems are made by company while Android devices are made by an alliance of manufacturers. Android ad requests grew 690 percent since January, far outpacing the requests of iOS (15%) and RIM (66%).

Android is not the global leader in the mobile market but it’s made a serious dent in the competition. Here’s some more information gleamed from the report. Read the Millennial Media July 2010 report in full here.

  • 100% of apps that appear on multiple platforms are available on iOS. Android is 2nd with 75%
  • Motorola and HTC are the top Android producers
  • The most popular app categories are Games