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Android Apps Alert #28: Manage your money, mood, and memories

August 8, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka



Every week, attempts to highlight the best Android Apps. Using tips from the #androidapps tag on Twitter and recommendations to @androinica, we try to find something you may have missed. This week’s theme is management: music, money, mood, memories, or whatever it takes. We’ve got apps to help you deal with finances and fun alike.

You may also notice there are no QR codes in this edition of Apps Alert. While I’m sure you love them, we wanted to remind you that AppBrain has added a great new way to install applications directly from the web or link to the Android Market page if browsing from a phone. This will be a much easier way for me to share links with you all. Find out more information here.


We just compared the best streaming music apps, and one of the categories was “Mood Accuracy,” a measure of how well an app can predict what you want to hear. MoodAgent is an Android app that takes that premise to the extreme. After an initial sync of the songs in your library, MoodAgent goes online to compare to its database and decide what type of music to play depending on your mood. Feel good on a Friday night? Select “Happy” and the app will play songs from your library that capture that mood. Also included are Sensual, Tender, Angry, and Tempo. The app is amazingly accurate at finding which songs to play, and a movable slider sets-up pinpoint playback.

Recommend by @pixel8ted: Enjoying moodagent #androidapps – plays all the forgotten music on my phone.

Launch-X Pro (€0.99, FREE Lite)

Some users want to use up only the bare minimum of space, and others just want to add a bunch of shortcuts that can be accessed quickly. Power-X is an app that meets both needs. Users can create one or more 4×1 widgets that hold apps, contacts, shortcuts, or settings. Because of its multi-screen, multi-panel design, you can stockpile up to 49 shortcuts using Launch-X. There’s also a free version available for testing but several features are missing.


Chrome-to-Phone is last week’s news. Phone-to-Chrome is all the rage now. Android2Cloud is an app that allows Chrome users to push links from the phone to their desktop browsers. By installing a browser extension and the app, you can open up links on a laptop or desktop that may not be suitable for your phone. Read this article to find out more.


PayPal updated its Android app to include UI changes and new payment options. PayPal members can now request money, get reminders to make payments, or send money to friends. If you a buddy order pizza but he doesn’t have any cash, just bump phones using PayPal to send the money to him. This is a must-have for any frequent PayPal user.

VH1′s I Love the 80′s Trivia ($0.99)

Anyone who thought the 80′s were the height of pop culture should fire up this I Love the 80′s Trivia. VH1 has brought its popular TV series to Android through a trivia game that tests your knowledge on everything you remember – or tried to forget – from your adolescence. I Love the 80′s has dozens of questions, a two-player duel mode, and the ability to unlock certain badges based on questions answered.


One of Android’s top to-do list/GTD apps just received an update that changes the interface, adds a widget, improves sync with Remember the Milk, and includes a couple of – temporarily – free plug-ins for extra features and Locale. Astrid is a great app to use if you need to manage a to-do list, so check it out. More info about the possibly-premium features available here.


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