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TV Listings logs, schedules, and alerts you to great programming [App Reviews]

July 23, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka



Not that you needed another reason to be glued to the television, but TV Listings is a there if you’re interested in discovering what you’ll be glued to (and when said glue will take place). The U.S.-only app is available in the Android Market for a free, ad-supported version or a premium, ad-free version for $2.99.

TV Listings is a guide for your Android device, showing the broadcast schedule of your local cable/satellite provider. It shows broadcast times, provides a quick blurb on programming (when applicable), and can be sorted by time or day.

So what sets this apart from just visiting your local version of the TV guide? Well, for starters, TV listings provide a detailed notification system to monitor your favorite programs. If you spot something worth watching when browsing through the schedule, the app can create a custom notification that will remind you when the show is about to start. It also can alert others, allowing you to announce to friends or other apps that use Android’s “Share” function.

TV Listings is an app that every person who often watches television will enjoy. The ability to filter by what’s currently on, see TV movie listings, focus on sports, or remove certain channels from being displayed make this a keeper.


  • Serves as a TV guide for Android
  • Offers notifications before or when a short starts
  • Lists over 12,000 channels