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Top 10 Android apps appear on 34% to 99% of phones using AppBrain

July 21, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

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Whether the Android Market has 70,000 or 100,000 apps, there are more Android apps than any one device will ever be able to hold. AppBrain argues that “Quality, not quantity” is what matters most in the Android Market, and we have to agree.

Take a look at this data from AppBrain, which reveals that the top app on Android is used by 99.1% of its users. That’s not surprising given that Maps – and fellow top apps Facebook, Goggles, and Amazon MP3 – comes preloaded on many Android devices. Few apps see remotely similar penetration rates, so AppBrain argues that users probably care more about discovering the good apps that they use rather than the actual number of available choices.

Androinica covers when the Android Market crosses certain milestones because it’s something that a lot of people care about. The growth of the App Market reveals Android’s growth as a platform and shows how it stacks up against competing operating systems. But the difference between 70,000 and 100,000 is minimal if most users can find the apps they grow to love. (And we do what we can to help you find the good apps).

Here’s some more information from AppBrain’s study

  • The 5,500 most popular apps in the Android Market typically appear on more than 0.1 percent of AppBrain users.
  • 92 percent of Android apps appear on less than 0.1 percent of AppBrain users
  • Nearly 50% of apps in the Android Market are purposely blocked from being displayed in AppBrain due to low-ratings. (AppBrain filters out “spam apps and low quality offerings).

The Top 10 Apps among AppBrain users are:

  • Google Maps: 99.1% (preloaded on phone)
  • Facebook: 84.9% (preloaded on most phones)
  • Barcode Scanner: 63.8% (rose to top section in Android’s infancy, popular for QR code scanning)
  • Google Goggles: 50.5% (top app, made by Google, popular for QR code/image recognition)
  • Astro File Manager: 49.3% (rose to top in Android’s infancy, top rated file explorer)
  • Shazam: 46.7% (rose to top in Android’s infancy)
  • Amazon MP3: 46.3% (preloaded on phone)
  • Google Sky Map: 43.5% (top app, made by Google)
  • Advanced Task Killer: 37.1% (top rated task killing app)
  • Pandora: 34.3% (most popular audio streaming app)

AppBrain via AG