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Surprise! HTC Eris has lower percentage of antenna/reception complaints than iPhone 4

July 19, 2010 | by Chris Smith

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On Friday, Apple had a press conference in Cupertino where Steve Jobs explained that there is nothing particularly wrong with the iPhone 4′s antenna; that all cell phones inherently have the same issues. Jobs even went as far to show some tests on other popular phones and how they react to what is now dubbed “the death grip”. The HTC Droid Eris from Verizon Wireless was one of those phones and appeared to have the same “bar loss” as all the rest.

Numbers are a funny thing. Especially when you are trying to defend your company and your brand new baby of a phone. Jobs made it known that only around 0.55% of all iPhone 4 customers have called AppleCare with complaints. He says that this is even less than that of the iPhone 3GS. Well, since Apple decided to pull HTC into their press conference, HTC’s Eric Lin came back with his own figures:

“Approximately .016% of customers [have complained], we have had very few complaints about signal or antenna problems on the Eris.”

So, what does this all mean? Well it does reiterate the point that Jobs has made; all phones have antenna issues. But the fact is that iPhone 4′s antenna issues have affected a higher percentage of owners than that of the HTC Eris. Also you have to remember that not all consumers call and complain about their phone issues, some just take them back and get something else. This is an important factor that HTC still did not account for in the statement.

Regardless, Job’s should have done a little research himself before picking a device that has lower “complaint rate” than his baby. Plus  you don’t see HTC giving out free bumpers for any of their phones.

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