Sprint finally has net growth thanks to the HTC EVO 4G

July 28, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka


Sprint Logo

What a difference a phone makes. Despite three years of stagnation and net decline in its subscriber base, Sprint has finally had a period of growth. The carrier announced today that in Q2 2010, it gained approximately 111,000 net subscribers (Number of customers leaving subtracted from number of new customers).

In Q2 2009, Sprint lost 257,000 customers. Sprint credits the turnaround this year to the popularity of the HTC Evo and BlackBerry Curve, but let’s be real here and say the EVO brought in the lion’s share of those new customers. It was the first big-ticket device since the Palm Pre and broke sales records that led to early shortages. Thanks to the EVO, Sprint has experienced its “best ever year-over-year quarterly net postpaid subscriber loss improvement of 763,000″ and best subscriber additions performance in five years.

Q3 could potentially be as strong. The Samsung Epic 4G is expected to be released next month, offering a 4G phone with a QWERTY keyboard and many of the same bells and whistles that have made the EVO popular.