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SoundHound can name that tune in 3 notes [Video App Reviews]

July 6, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

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Shazam has been a great tool for identifying songs heard on the radio or in a store’s speakers, but it had the “flaw” of having to hear the song in question. SoundHound manages to one-up Shazam, at least in some regards, by being able to identify songs based on someone humming a melody or singing the lyrics out loud.

That’s right, folks: SoundHound can name that tune in a variety of ways. Much like Shazam, SoundHound can identify songs by playing music and comparing it against music in its library. However, the app has the advatange of being able to search on-demand and discover titles if all someone can remember is the tune’s song lyrics or general melody. Once discovered, SoundHound returns a list of possible matches with lyrics and audio clips to confirm if it is correct. Users then have the option of finding similar artists, sharing, bookmarking, and purchasing the song from Amazon.

SoundHound limits users to five music-related searches per month, but voice and text-based searches are unlimited. The full version with unlimited music searches costs $4.99, but I suggest testing the free version first. Here’s a video demo showing the app in motion.


  • Search for songs by recording music, humming melody, or singing lyrics
  • Browse search history, bookmark, share, or buy song from Amazon
  • View lyrics, YouTube videos, similar artists, or album appearances


  • Free version permits only 5 music searches per month
  • Humming/lyric recognition sometimes doesn’t work (it took 3 tries to get it to recognize lyrics of “Sweet Caroline,” one of the most famous songs ever.)

App: SoundHound

Price: Free limited version, $4.99 unlimited