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Skies of Glory lets Android and iPhone gamers duke it out in airplane battles

July 16, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

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Skies of Glory lets Android and iOs gamers battle with airplanes

Back at Google I/O 2010, we showed you a quick preview of an app called Skies of Glory. “Skies” is popular on the iPhone that developers SGN were in the process of porting the app to Android. The game is now available on Android 2.0 and higher devices, allowing Droid, EVO, and Nexus owners to compete with friends.

Skies of Glory is a 3D game in which players battle for control of the sky. Gamers can complete story-mode single player or challenge others in a cross-platform multiplayer mode. The battles take place with World War II fighter planes and require destroying an enemy’s base and defending your own.

While Skies of Glory is free on iPhone and includes micro-transactions, the Android version costs $4.99 because of Android’s current system isn’t very friendly to that business model (that could change soon). Download the app from the Android Market to try the game for yourself. Here’s the video we recorded of a short demo of the game.