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Rumor: HTC “Vision” gets some picture time with its full QWERTY keyboard

July 4, 2010 | by Chris Smith

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HTC Vision gets some time on camera

Just because it’s the USA’s Independence day doesn’t mean that Android rumors and upcoming phones leaks have to stop. It appears that the HTC Vision (not entirely sure if that is a code name or not) has had a pretty decent picture taken for your Android loving eyes.

The Vision appears to have a pretty roomy, 3-row landscape QWERTY and is also running Sense UI (although the launcher is stock, Engagdget pointed out that the notification bar is the Sense slate gray color). According to the Croation site that that sourced the story the HTC Vision will sport a 3.7″ touchscreen, a 1Ghz processor, and that nice, roomy QWERTY.There is absolutely no word where, when, and if this phone will ever materialize, but as these leaks go, I am sure that we will see if sometime.

Some people may think that HTC is going a little out of control right now releasing their next high-end phones so close to each other, but I think that the only thing that differentiates an Android 2.1 from another Android 2.1 device is the hardware. I say give people as much choice as possible when it comes to hardware. The only thing that I see as a problem is that if you want the form factor of the HTC EVO you have to jump on Sprint in the US, otherwise you have to settle for something that your carrier offers. If HTC had a line of device that they could bring to all carriers, some of the thoughts of a company that is out of control with device releases may go out the window.

Via [Engadget]

HTC Vision gets some time on camera