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Updated: HTC EVO 4G updated to Android 2.2 starting August 3

July 29, 2010 | by Chris Smith

HTC, Sprint


Looks like Sprint EVO 4G owners may be getting their 2.2 update sooner than anyone expected. Although nothing is set in stone about this leak, Engadget got a hold of an internal Sprint update release plan and feature list and according to it Android 2.2 will start to be pushed out tomorrow (7/30/10) for HTC EVO owners. This has now been officially confirmed to be on August 3rd.

What’s interesting about this update is that it isn’t just the improvements of Android 2.2 that are coming to the EVO; many added features by HTC may also included. Here’s some to look forward to:

  • Application sharing – This one is likely as it is included in the 2.2 update for the Incredible
  • Flashlight app – Also on 2.2 for Incredible. I used it and it works great.
  • Remove keyboard dismiss key from keyboard – Also on 2.2 for Incredible
  • Rich phone canvas with social networking status
  • Gallery will now support Facebook comments – Yeah, that could be extremely annoying
  • Camera rotates 4-ways – Also on 2.2 for Incredible
  • New Improved Search widget – Also on 2.2 for Incredible
  • Apps2SD – Also on 2.2 for Incredible
  • Market widget – Seems pointless, but also on 2.2 for Incredible

Most of these additions are pretty sweet, while some may be a tad useless or annoying in my opinion. I would say that the feature list that Engadget has seems rather legit, yet the time of the update can always change. Engadget proposes that this weekend we may see a small group of EVO owners get their updates, have a pause, then have a full roll-out in the coming days. That sounds realistic to me, especially when we saw what happened last time Sprint rolled out EVO updates.

So, are you EVO owners pumped? If and when you get your OTA update let us know will you?

Via [Engadget]