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Make phone calls simple again with Dialer One [App Reviews]

July 19, 2010 | by Chris Smith

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I remember the day when cell phones were used for making phone calls. Ah, the memories. With more and more cell phones being used as instant messaging and web browsing devices, it seems that the simple act of making a phone call is not so simple anymore. Enter the dialer replacement, Dialer One.

Dialer One is a simple, small application that replaces Android’s stock Phone application. It allows the user to search through their contacts with the T9 keypad giving them call recommendations along the way as well as giving them the option to browse through their entire contact list. A nice feature of this app is the ability to set contacts as speed dial numbers from a long press on any number. For some reason though on the HTC Incredible with Sense you cannot set speed dial numbers. This has to do with the fact that HTC has forced users to use their contacts replacement not allowing for any other to be used. Not a problem with Dialer One, but a definite showcase of why proprietary layers on top of Android can be bad.

From the main screen the option button reveals the option to view the call log, view your starred contacts/favorites, view contacts, look up speed dial, and go to the settings screen. The settings on Dialer One are rather impressive, really. Some of the more impressive and thoughtful features include the option to view only contacts with phone numbers, setup a default view (ie. favorites, contacts, most called), language settings, robust color settings, group by contact in the call log, ability to export call log, and to set dialer one to be available in the notification bar.

So, Dialer One is a definite step up from the stock Android dialer and contacts application, but if you are using proprietary versions of Android like Sense then some functionality may be missing.


  • replaces the stock Android dialer and contacts app
  • ability to setup speed dials for contacts
  • T9 search through contacts
  • snappy application that is easy to use
  • nice coloring and theme options
  • robust set of settings that allow for many customizations to the app
  • FREE!


  • Back button exits the application rather than going to the last screen that was used

APP: Dialer One