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LoKast brings wireless media sharing to Android and iPhone

July 21, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

Multimedia, Tools


“Is there an app that lets me share files with my friends wirelessly?” We get that question a lot, and we typically say “No.” We can finally give a cautious “Yes” when it comes to media files.

LoKast – a new cross-platform application that allows users to share music, pictures, videos, and bookmarks – has just hit the Android Market to meet that very need. But LoKast isn’t just something to beam content to people you know. The app is designed to connect people within a given proximity, so you can see other LoKast users who are nearby and the media that they have made sharable. LoKast also has social features like profiles, status updates, and external links to Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter, and more.

One great possible use for LoKast is attending concerts. Rock/Pop group Vicio uses LoKast as a way to share songs and photos with audience members, so anyone within 300 feet gets access to their content. Their music can potentially go viral because LoKast downloads content to the audience’s accounts and can then be shared the next day at work or the coffee house.

The one hitch on the app is that it has little value unless more people adopt it. However, since LoKast works for both Android and iPhone users, you’ll be discovering funny pictures and great songs before you know it.

NOTE: Only files that you specifically designate to share will be accessible by others. Keep in mind there’s no one-to-one privacy, so anything you share will be available to any LoKast member nearby.