LogMeIn Ignition comes to Android [App Reviews]

July 21, 2010 | by Ed Clark

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LogMeIn Ignition is a new entry in the VNC/RDP app market for Android users, but has been around for quite a while for Mac/iPad/iPhone users. Apple folks seem to like it a lot, as it garners 4+ star ratings on Apple’s App Store (2,761 ratings). In fact, LogMeIn Ignition recently won the 2010 MacWorld UK Award for “Best iPad App.” So how well does it work on Android devices?


Installation is easy, and both Macs and PCs are supported. Simply create an account at, download the host application for your computer, and install it. Next, get the app from the Market ($29.99, 4.27 stars, 100-500 downloads), install it, and log in with the credentials you created in the first step. You should see a list of your computers that have the LogMeIn service installed. I installed the service on my Mac and my PC, and both worked just as well with the client running on my N1.


LogMeIn offers three key advantages over its competitors: 1) the ability to connect via the web, 2) “tweak-free” installation, and 3) pinch zooming for the phone client. The first means that you can login from any machine with web access, the second means that you don’t have to walk your friends and relatives through how to install it as they ask you to work on their computer for the nth time, and the third benefit is simply an easier way to view the desktop at different sizes than playing around with zoom buttons. I also really like the fact that you can see all of your accessible machines in one place.


As someone that works with computers for a living, I’d have to say that LogMeIn Ignition is a winner. If price is your only concern, you might be attracted to the cheaper alternatives. However, you would be missing out on some features that could make your life easier in the long run. Some folks will likely call attention to the free Beta version of Wyse PocketCloud RDP/VNC, which is also a great app in this category. However, pricing for the iPhone version of Wyse is $14.99 (Android pricing can’t be far behind), and installation of the host service is definitely not “tweak-free.” You may have to enable RDP on your machine, and configure your router to allow RDP through your network. This is probably pretty easy for many of you, but imagine talking someone (like your parents) through these steps over the phone. I’ve done that before, and anything that makes that easier is a good thing. Trust me.


  • Easy installation
  • Mac and PC support
  • Web access
  • One-stop view for all your machines
  • Pinch zooming


  • Price (on the high side for Android apps)

App: LogMeIn Ignition
Price: $29.95

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