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LG Optimus Z launched in Korea, includes everything but the kitchen sink

July 29, 2010 | by Chris Smith



Korea has been known to get some pretty sweet tech and the announcement of the the new LG Optimus Z Android phone just adds to the bunch. LG announced today that the Optimus Z will be available in Korea for SK Telecom and KT and will support some ridiculous functionality that we can only dream of our Androids to include.

The Optimus Z’s specs are straight forward; 1Ghz Snapdragon processor, 3.5-inch “Hyper HD” LCD display, runs Android 2.1 with a 2.2 update by year’s end, 5MP camera, and a “brushed metal” backing. But it isn’t the specs that make this phone unique and downright amazing, it’s everything else that is included. The Z will ship with two 1350mAh batteries, support Dolby mobile audio and DivX video out of the box, and 100 pre-loaded applications as well as 70 more that are not included in the market. Sounds awesome, but the next two are kind of crazy.

The Optimus Z will have an On Screen Phone interface that will allow the user to use their phone on their computer by connecting via a USB cable or Bluetooth. This will give then access to making phone calls as well as email and contacts. Last but not least there is a new Drag and Shake feature that allows Optimus Z users to share files by “flicking” them to each other and even syncing up to a PC with LG’s Air Sync System. Now that is some innovation.

There is no set price or date for the Z’s availibility. Hopefully LG is starting something here and can bring these ideas and features to their upcoming Android devices in the US and elsewhere. How is it even possible that the same company that created the Optimus Z thought that the LG Ally was a good idea?

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