Android Phones

Independent HTC design concept showcases a smartphone I’d actually buy

July 12, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

Android Phones


We occasionally receive “tips” about new phones that turn out to be nothing more than Photoshop renders created by fans. This is one occasion that I wish those renders were real because I’d actually consider buying this product.

Andrew Kim is a designer who knows his way around a pencil and Photoshop. Dissatisfied with the lack of “harmony between UI and hardware design” in today’s smartphone, he decided to create the HTC 1, a premium phone concept that classes up Android and differentiates the phone from mainstream products. There are a couple of things wrong – such as the absence of home/back/menu buttons – but it’s pretty slick to imagine this as a real device.

The HTC 1 concept is a slim, rectangular design inspired by Leica cameras, clean lines favored by modern designers, timepieces, and elements from HTC’s current range of products. It’s just fantasy, but I hope HTC or some other phone company writes Kim a check so we can see something like this in a few years. Here are a few slides from Kim’s concept. Be sure to view the full gallery and read more about the concept on his website.

Via [SlashGear, thanks Rique!]