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HTC will deliver Froyo and Sense to China soon

July 29, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka



HTC is diving head first into the mobile phone market in China, and it’s doing it with phones running a Froyo-based version of Sense. The Chinese HTC website says that the Desire will launch with Android 2.2 soon, and other HTC handsets launching in China are also expected to have the latest version of Android, according to Engadget.

Does that mean we’re actually closer than we thought to seeing Froyo released to current ROM’s? Not necessarily.

We’ve seen time and time again that phone experiences are not parallel on different carriers and in different countries. Just because an update comes to Hero users in Taiwan or the UK doesn’t mean people in Canada are any closer to a similar update. That may also be the case here because Froyo coming earlier to China may simply mean that HTC is making it a priority to have its ROM’s up-to-date for one of the world’s largest markets.

It is encouraging to see that HTC is speeding up the process to update Sense to newer versions of Android, but an early China debut doesn’t mean updates in other markets. It’s worth noting that a Froyo-based Sense ROM was leaked for the Incredible, and HTC previously said that it would start delivering Froyo beginning in Q3. We’re a third of the way through Q3 and still haven’t seen any phone officially updated yet, so don’t hold your breath.