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HTC Droid Eris rumored to get OTA update beginning on July 16th

July 13, 2010 | by Robert Nelson

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Verizon may have stopped selling the Droid Eris a few weeks back, but it seems as if they have not forgotten about it entirely. Well, that is assuming we can trust this latest series of leaked images.

As for what the images are suggesting — a software update. And unfortunately — its a maintenance update and not Android 2.2. But either way this should be a welcomed update, after all there have been some issues since the Android 2.1 update came a few weeks back and it would be nice to see them fixed for all.

Anyway, according to the images it looks like the Droid Eris will end up being software version 2.37.605.4 (and for those keeping track, my Droid Eris is currently at 2.36.605.1).

As for what will be changing and/or getting fixed;


  • Improved audio – The audio controls on your Droid Eris have been updated.
  • Enhanced speed dial – Save and add contacts to your speed-dial with ease.
  • Improved text, video, and picture messaging functionality


  • Your contacts now sync with Backup Assistant, Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync and Facebook
  • The Weather app/widget has been enhanced and stabilized
  • Your Droid Eris will now pair with a Jabra Bluetooth headset
  • Your Gmail contacts will easily sync with your Droid Eris

And with that, the update is expected to arrive on July 16th, so it looks like we still have a few days to wait.

[via Droid-Life]