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HTC Desire with North American 3G support makes the required FCC appearance

July 8, 2010 | by Robert Nelson

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At this point its no secret that the HTC Desire is coming to North America. In fact we have already learned that it will be available with both US Cellular and Cellular South here in the US. Of course, they are CDMA and this latest tidbit suggests AT&T support.

The evidence comes in the form of a standard FCC listing which showed an HTC handset sporting a model number of PB99220. In terms of support, that comes in the form of WCDMA on bands I, II, and IV.

In other words, that means support for 3G on AT&T as well as Rogers, Bell and Telus. And for those wondering how the model number of PB99220 translates to mean HTC Desire. Well, the original Desire had a model number of PB99200, which would fit in with HTC’s previous naming patterns.

In the end though, this does not mean that AT&T, Rogers or Bell will begin offering the Desire. But that is not to say this is all bad news because it does mean one could buy an unlocked handset and just insert a SIM. With that, we do know that the Desire is heading to Telus under the name of the Triumph.

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