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Have you installed Swype? Are you convinced its the next greatest thing in virtual keyboards?

July 2, 2010 | by Robert Nelson

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The Swype keyboard has been around for a little while now, though its only been available for everyone to download on a limited basis. Personally I picked it up a few months back (when it first opened for the public) and since then have come to really love it. Admittedly though, it did take me some time. I ended up spending the first two or three days thinking that I was about to switch back to the regular keyboard at any second. But then it clicked, and after that I have become attached to Swype. So much so that I find myself trying to Swype on other touchscreen devices and getting frustrated when its not there.

Anyway, my thoughts aside, New York Times columnist David Pogue recently posted some of his own thoughts on Swype. His post on Swype spilled out from a review of the Droid X and needless to say he does not seem sold on the idea. And while I would agree that everyone is entitled to their own opinion I have to differ on this.

That said, after reading his post on the Sywpe keyboard and despite loving it myself, he made some valid points. For example;

“you lose a corresponding amount of speed when you’re having to bounce back and forth from one side of the keyboard to the other, as in the word “soaks” (that’s four complete horizontal traverses).”

It makes sense, personally I never really thought of it like that. Of course, I think in my mind I am using Swype for the convenience in typing one handed and not necessarily for the speed.

What is your opinion on Swype? Love it, hate it, or maybe you have totally ignored it thinking it was stupid.

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