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Google says Android Market tops 70,000 apps, NOT the nearly 100,000 previously reported

July 15, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka



Google today announced that Android is chugging along very nicely, thank you. In its quarterly earnings call for Q2 2010, Google revealed that the Android Market has more than 70,000 apps, slightly more than the 68,000+ that we heard last month. Android’s rapid growth in daily activations and developers betting on an increased userbase are likely what encouraged developers to push the Market’s app total to double since March.

You may have read that the Android Market would cross the 100,000 mark at the end of the month but that number is actually a little unreliable. The 90,000-plus total stems from estimates taken from, a third-party Market tracker that estimates the number of apps available in the Market. AndroLib’s estimates are routinely higher than Google’s official counts: in March, AndroLib counted 35,000, while Google counted about 30,000.

Whatever the exact number is – obviously we put more trust in Google’s tally – that’s a whole lot of apps; more than you’ll ever be able to fit on your phone. Let’s just hope we keep getting some good ones.