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GEICO Glovebox app coming soon to Android

July 20, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

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We already have Progressive on Android, but plenty of people have opted to make GEICO their insurance provider. Those folks will soon have their own Android app to play with based on this sneak peek a GEICO employee just linked us to.

The GEICO Glovebox app will be available to Android users soon, most likely the second week of August. With it will come many of the features that iPhone users have come to enjoy: Bill Pay, Accident Helper, Roadside assistance, taxi/rental car service, automobile tutorials, videos, and contact information. Users will also be able to get a quote if they are considering GEICO insurance.

Glovebox is one of those apps that you probably won’t use every day but it will be good to have on certain occasions. You will probably enjoy being able to pay bills, get reminders, check insurance ID cards, and watch funny Gecko videos. Let’s hope you won’t have too many accidents or problems where the app becomes necessary for more serious reasons.

GEICO Glovebox running on a Droid Eris