Droid X gets easy one-click root program (Windows only)

July 27, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

Android Hacks, Motorola


In my day, you had to block off several minutes of your day, carefully read long explanations, and manually enter code in order to obtain root access to your phone. Today, all it takes is plugging in your phone and running a program.

The folks over at AllDroid have built a program that can obtain root access to the Droid X in one click. All it takes is downloading the GUI program for Windows, turning on USB Debugging mode, and then clicking the “Root Me :) ” button. Boom! Rooted.

You new school Android users have no clue how easy you have it. But, you probably won’t care because you get the same functions that old-timers enjoyed without having to do as much work. You won’t be able to load custom ROM’s until someone figures out how to crack that bootloader, but at least you’ll be able to tether for free and use some of the apps in the Android Market that require root.

Head over to AllDroid to download the program and read the instructions for how easy it is to root or unroot your Droid X.

via TalkAndroid