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Rumor: Droid X demand likely to exceed supply

July 12, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka



While I’m sure you’ve been following the DroidLanding game with hopes of snagging a free Droid X, it’s going to be tough to find. Heck, even paying for a Droid X may not be an easy task if early inventory reports are to be believed.

Droid-Life is reporting that the Droid X will launch with some limited supplies that could end up leading to more supply shortages that we’ve seen with the HTC EVO and Incredible. A few tipsters sent the website screenshots of their inventory and some stores are pretty limited — as little as five in some places.

Some areas of Philadelphia are getting about 240 available units in corporate stores; Houston, 70; Las Vegas, 355; and New York, 250.  Not all stores are listed so this isn’t an exact picture of supplies. However, it shows that this may be a blockbuster that busts early in some areas. We’ve already seen that the pre-orders at Best Buy exceed supply, so don’t be surprised if a Droid X is tough to come by.