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Droid Incredible update coming? Said to offer 3G Mobile Hotspot app & 720p video recording

July 2, 2010 | by Robert Nelson

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It looks like Droid Incredible users may want to be on the lookout for a software update. Except before everyone gets super excited — the update is not Android 2.2. Still, it seems like it will be decent, albeit small in terms of new features.

The details are coming courtesy of Android Forums user hyp3r1 who is claiming that he received a software update two days ago which added “720p and 3G Mobile Hotspot.” And just like any good tipper, he also provided a few pics as evidence.

Given that it looks like an update will be rolling out for Droid Incredible users. Then again it may not be, not yet anyway. If you really look at the complete picture you will notice the HTC branding on the Incredible. Hint, if it were a regular issue that would say Verizon. Thankfully that was confirmed in a later post in which that same user confirmed the Incredible came from a friend at HTC.

Bottom line, these are two decent features but it does not seem like regular Incredible users are going to be getting this anytime soon. My reasoning, this guy is sporting an HTC test phone and received the update two days ago. It also cannot be ignored that this was one of his first posts on the forum and more importantly — he seems to be the only person that received this update.