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DROID 2 gets spotted running Android 2.2, MotoBlur, improved keyboard

July 20, 2010 | by Chris Smith



Well, it looks like it’s that time again. A new month coming with a hot new Android phone. We knew that the Motorola DROID 2 was in the pipeline and also that we may see it sometime in August. We knew that there was a “sleeker” look to it with an improved “bubbly” keyboard. We also had some sort of clue that it will house at least a 1Ghz processor. It looks like Droid-Life got some tips about the things  we haven’t figured out about Verizon’s new superphone.


According to a quick photo of the About Phone screen on the new DROID 2, Motorola has decided to use the latest Android 2.2 build. This is great news as there isn’t any other phone with Android 2.2 “officially” supported on the market except the N1 which is going away. So, the DROID 2 looks like it will be able to take advantage of the faster performance and little extra features that 2.2 offers.


Also, you will notice that Moto has decided to include MotoBlur on the device. Droid-Life points out that the notification bar clearly shows the MotoBlur styling and we concur; this phone definitely has MotoBlur, whether for good or bad. Personally, I can’t stand MotoBlur, even the new “slimmed-down” version that shipped with the DROID X. It still is clunky to me and I would rather see stock Android.

Better Keyboard!

The person who got the photos also said that the new keyboard is really REALLY good. This is a nice thing as the keyboard was a selling point of the original DROID and ended up not being that great, unless you ended up getting one of the orginal DROID keyboards with the extra bumpy keys.

All-in-all this phone is shaping up to be a nice successor to arguably one of the most popular Android phones to date. It looks like Moto hasn’t change anything drastically; just going for small iterative changes to refine the base model. Now, all we need to know is if Verizon is going to offer a discount to early DROID 1 adopters.

Commentors, are you guys or girls digging the new DROID 2, or are you wishing for more?

Via [Droid Life]