Dell Streak retail price announced: $299 on AT&T 2-year contract, $549.99 without

July 27, 2010 | by Chris Smith

AT&T, Dell


There is still yet to be any word of a official release date, but Dell has made the official prices available for the monstrous Dell Streak. The United States landing of Dell smartphones is about to commence in a big way. Literally.

The 5-inch “screened” Dell Streak will make its way to AT&T on a 2-year contract for the steep $299.99 price tag. If you want to spend a little more and not have to worry about signing up for anything new you can shell out $549.99 for the device. The Dell Streak has been available for a while now, but not through a United States carrier. There is no word yet on the actual release date for the Streak, but Dell has said that if you registered for pre-order between July 20th and July 27th you can purchase the phone today. So much for a pre-sale.

The subsidized price of the Streak seems to high for most consumers and will probably be limited to only the geekiest of the bunch. Also the fact that the Streak is running Android 1.6 doesn’t help as the phone won’t support some of the latest features in Android 2.x. Until AT&T/Dell lower the unsubsidized price and upgrade Android to 2.1+, the Streak might just be dead on arrival.

Something else of interest: it appears that Dell has pulled the official pricing information. If anything changes we will update shortly.

Via [Engadget]