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CyanogenMod6 will unlock the HTC EVO 4G’s full potential

July 16, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

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Cyanogen’s name carries weight in the Android ROM community, and for good reason. Thanks to the help of his clever band of hackers nicknamed “Team Douche,” their custom versions of Android will appear on several different phone models. {Root access is required)

I’m most excited about how CM6 will perform on the EVO 4G. In a quick preview video of the upcoming CM6 port for the EVO, we can seethat full Bluetooth HID and full video-out capabilities are in the works. If successful and stable, Bluetooth HID would enable controlling the device with a mouse or keyboard, and full video would enable video out instead of the HDMI out that currently limits what can be displayed on larger screens. This will give users more control over the way the EVO connects to external devices. (And unlike other Froyo ROM’s for the EVO, the cameras will actually be functional in CM6.)

EVO owners will have to ditch Sense UI to get CM6, but I’m personally willing to give it up for the sake of getting Froyo sooner and gaining some new features. This is still very much a work in progress, but it’s something to look forward to if you have a rooted phone.

via [AndroidCentral]